Kaesa Aurelia (kaesa) wrote in hp_misfitfics,
Kaesa Aurelia

FIC: Between Here and Now and Forever

Title: Between Here and Now and Forever
Rating: PG-13
Characters: All four Hogwarts founders, numerous major and minor original characters, and Helena Ravenclaw.
Genre: Humor/Drama/Adventure
Summary: All Godric wanted was a quiet life of scholarship, ideally one that didn't involve starving to death. So when two old friends (well, acquaintances, really) showed up and offered him a teaching job, he took it with few reservations, not realizing how extensively he was involving himself in international magical politics.
Length: Long. (FF.N says 121,737 words.) WIP.

Pairings are present, but in the background; there is established Helga Hufflepuff/OMC, past Rowena Ravenclaw/OMC(s). Contains some minor romance subplots of various kinds, but the focus of the plot is politics, magical theory, and humor.

The first chapter is here. The newest chapter is Chapter 24. There is also a master Founders post. In this week's chapter, Lady Aeaeae and the Aurae Aurelii question their new prisoners, and Helga puts the finishing touches on her escape plan.

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