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Harry Potter Gen Fic

Welcome to this little corner of the universe, dedicated to giving poor, neglected Harry Potter Gen fic the attention and readership it deserves.

Are you primarily a ship writer, but suddenly find yourself writing a non pairing specific piece and you don't have a community to share it with?

Would you like to maintain your friends locked journal, but still wish for your writing to find readership beyond the confines of your flist?

Well search no more!

All types of Harry Potter Gen Fic are welcome here. Character based pieces, plot or action based pieces, and friendship pieces are all appreciated and encouraged.

What do you mean by Gen Fic?

For the purposes of this community a Gen Fic is defined as any kind of fan fiction in which action and primary focus of the piece does not center around a romantic or sexual relationship.

Now this does not mean that a romantic relationship can't be present in your fiction. For example, Ron and Hermione can be a couple in a piece as long as their relationship is not the primary focus, and the action does not center around them getting together, being together, breaking up, or has one of them dwelling on unrequited feelings for the other.

The Mod reserves the right to refuse posts that do not fit our definition of a Gen Fic. If you are looking to post Harry Potter fanfiction that features rare pairs, please post that with our affiliate, variety_is. If there are any questions about this policy, please contact star54kar.

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1. Fiction can be posted about any of the characters in any of the 7 Harry Potter Novels.

2. All genres of gen fiction are welcome and encouraged.

3. Het, Slash, and Femslash pairings are permitted, so long as their appearance in the story is secondary and is in accordance with the description of Gen Fic above. The Mod reserves the right to ask you to remove any piece of fiction in the event that the Mod feels that the piece in question does not fit the community's definition of a Gen Fic. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact star54kar for clarification.

4. There will be no bashing of anyone's work on this community. Constructive critisim is welcome. Flaming is not. Any trolls will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

5. Please place the appropriate warnings for your piece in the header of the story.

6. All stories should be placed behind a lj-cut.

7. Most importantly, have fun and happy reading:)

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hp_misfitfics contains works of fiction. We do not own Harry Potter, we simply write stories about him for fun and with no intention of receiving any money for this work. The characters and settings contained within remain the sole property of J.K. Rowling and her publishers.

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